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The Fidelis Group

The Fidelis Group Responsive Website

"Vincent of Web Vision Partners took the time to understand my business rather than to immediately begin with design ideas.  It was important to me that when someone came to my website that they immediately understand the value I brought and what made me uniquely different than my competitors.  He was reasonably priced and I feel I received significantly more value than the ultimate cost."

Bruce Conklin

Turnaround Consultant, The Fidelis Group

How We Helped
The Fidelis Group is a turnaround consulting company run by Bruce Conklin, a highly experienced business trauma surgeon. Even a well-connected professional like Bruce knew he could benefit from having an online presence. With our conversation came the realization that in this day and age, every business is expected to be online. It is the validating statement that allows clients to find out more about you and your business, and if you are worth calling up. Bruce settled on a clean, professional website with business cards of the same caliber, had us set him and his partners up with a branded email account, and was ready to make an impression.

CV Sourcery

CV Sourcery Responsive Website
“Web Vision Partners took a simple idea I had for my site, along with my long time wish to consolidate the variety of social media sites, and created a good-looking and easy to use website that represents my brand very effectively.

As a busy single mother entrepreneur, I needed someone who could understand me and my needs even though I couldn’t articulate them exactly. Vincent’s ability to listen and respond in a quick and on-point manner saved me so much time and frustration, and money as well.

Web Vision Partners understands the needs of the small business owner and how time is of the utmost importance. They strongly emphasized my brand’s visibility and provided IT support that was always readily available.  For any and all site additions and edits, email issues, and questions about how things work and what the best next steps for me are, Web Vision Partners has been there and delivered exactly what is needed.  I am very thankful to have Web Vision Partners at my side!”

Carilyn Vaile

Product Sourcer & Collection Curator, CV Sourcery

How We Helped
Carilyn of CV Sourcery has a vague idea of what she wanted to do for her online business presence. She already had a steady business sourcing clothing and clothing accessory products for large online fashion retailers. Since her client base consisted of businesses, she did not need any heavy promotion on the consumer side. However, after having a conversation with us, it was clear the CV Sourcery brand needed to be established so as to make a bigger splash in the online fashion industry. Creating a cohesive brand statement required a shiny new logo, a fashionably simple website, and a good deal of IT support to set up variety of branded email accounts for the business. Armed with her new tools, Carilyn’s hard work now pays off even more.

Lightning Assault

Lightning Assault Responsive Website
“Web Vision Partner’s expertise proved immensely valuable in the design and launch of the Lightning Assault gaming app. Their knowledge of dynamic web design and modern internet marketing practices helped us to reach a global audience.

Web Vision Partners is always up to date on the newest technologies, and serves as a substantial asset to any small business that wants to increase its visibility in a crowded marketplace.”

Timothy Chua

Chief Executive Producer & Developer, Prism Game Studios

How We Helped
Lightning Assault is a iPhone game that offers an exciting arcade-style 360 degree dogfighting challenge. It all started as the brainchild of software engineer, Tim Chua, and grew into a massive two-year project. Since the game’s conception, Web Vision Partners was heavily involved with the development of its interface design and marketing. We designed the game’s website and engaged in a variety of online marketing endeavours, including promotion on game forums, social media and email blasts. Since its original launch, our marketing efforts increased the number of downloads by over 50%. Today, the game enjoys a solid user base and a steady stream of downloads around the globe.

Michelle Guilbeau

Michelle Guilbeau Responsive Website

“Web Vision Partners created a professional, sleek and dynamic website for my writing business. They anticipated my needs and wants before I even knew what I needed or wanted. The best part of the experience was the ease of the process and the company’s flexibility to work with me to make sure I was satisfied and happy. Response time from Web Vision Partners was also lightning fast; my requests were immediately answered and taken care of in a professional and courteous manner!

I will definitely be a repeat customer and plan on having Web Vision Partners work on additional websites that I have.  Accolades go out to Web Vision Partners; I am absolutely thrilled with the results!”

Michelle Guilbeau

Syndicated Writer, CBS News

How We Helped
Michelle Guilbeau of CBS News approached Vincent Yancoskie of Web Vision Partners about writing an article for her renowned column, “Small Business Pulse,” to receive some insight on how technology could help small businesses become successful. After the first encounter, she agreed to let us upgrade her website. We gave it a very satisfactory revamp, sent out the article, and allowed ourselves a pat on the back. When you have an online presence, we make sure it’s a good one. A very good one.

Chillis Café

Chillis Cafe Responsive Website
“Web Vision Partners created a website that truly communicated the essence of our brand and highlighted the variety of cuisines we have to offer. Our website truly displays the caliber at which we are operating, and is central to our branding efforts. Web Vision Partners provides excellent support, and can always be readily counted on to provide the very best quality.”
Osita Ogbonnaya

Chief Executive Officer, Chillis Café

How We Helped
Chillis Café is a new restaurant chain in Nigeria that offers a unique dining experience. Its locations feature a quick-dining option, as well as fine dining in the upper levels of its locations. Its facility also serve as a community center, with options to rent office spaces or conference rooms. With its aggressive expansion plans, Chillis Café needed an impressive online presence to announce new restaurant openings, feature a mouth-watering menu, and provide directions to its locations. With the rise of mobile web browsing, Chillis needed a site that would look just as fantastic in a mobile browser as it did on a desktop. And that is exactly what Web Vision Partners delivered.

Z4 Motorsports

Z4 Motorsports Responsive Website
“Overall, working with Web Vision Partners was a great experience. I am a new business owner and had never created a website before. Even the thought of having to create one was a scary, as I had no clue what was needed or how much it would cost. After a month I finally decided to contact Web Vision Partners. After only a few brief conversations, he was able to understand the core ideas of my business and develop an fully functional Ecommerce website far above my expectations.

I decided to purchase a comprehensive set of services, which included the website with a logo, the design of my business card, and social media page setups. The website has already brought in over $50,000 in revenue. My sales, which were originally all done through Ebay, increased by over 40%. The logo has helped me to develop a memorable brand in a heavily saturated market. To top it all off, my business cards simply look amazing.”

Zack Nguyen

Custom Carbon-Fiber Parts Retailer, Z4 Motorsports

How We Helped
When Zack of Z4 Motorsports reached out to us, he had a booming Ebay business selling carbon-fiber motorcycle parts. However, there was one problem. Ebay and PayPal had combined forces and were cutting deeply into his profit margins. We quickly found a solution for his pain. Why not just eliminate Ebay as the middleman and drive traffic to an Ecommerce website of his own? Within a few weeks, Zack was the proud owner of a shiny new Ecommerce website. Also at his disposal was a content management system that allowed him to easily upload new product information and place it on the correct pages of his website. We armed him with some coupon flyers and business cards, and made sure he had a social media presence to better connect with his target market. Needless to say, business boomed even more.

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