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An Introduction.

Hi there! My name is Vincent Yancoskie, and I am the face of this company. As your branding & IT solution consultant, I am the person you’ll be holding all the conversations with. Although located in California, I have clients all around the world.

As Web Vision Partners, I extract the essence of a person and their business so they can attract their ideal client. Have you ever seen a website that simply does not make sense for the business it is representing? I’m the expert that creates the congruency between the core of the business, its decision makers, and its brand message.

Vincent Yancoskie

Vincent Yancoskie

Branding & IT Solutions Expert

“I certainly hope to make your acquaintance soon, but until then, you might want to know a little about me.

At Web Vision Partners, I work with small business owners in various industries to launch their online presence and actively expand awareness of their business. As an IT consultant, I help small business owners apply technology to make their business more successful, efficient, and visible in the global marketplace. As an entrepreneur in starting and growing two privately owned businesses, my experience in planning and executing business development projects in the global marketplace is indispensable. Eight years ago, I started Wired Art, a global business selling wire sculptures with a combination of raw artistic talent and web design skills. With over four years of web design experience and five years in the banking industry, the task of communicating your business vision through your new website is in the best hands. In my free time, I enjoy ocean kayaking, mountain biking, traveling, and sculpting. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me, and I do look forward to meeting you in person.”

Our Mission? To make you more successful. More efficient. More visible.

Why Do I Do It? It’s My Passion.

I want to help you make a difference. Your business is in the midst of constantly evolving marketplace. New technology unleashes countless ways to improve efficiency and communication. I live and breathe new technology, and my passion is applying it to your business and helping you make a difference in an already crowded scene.

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